Tank Mate of the Month – October 2016

Tank Mate of the Month – October 2016

Sunny – Yellow Tang


About the Winner

Sunny is a beautiful yellow tang (zebrasoma flavescens.)  She comes from a 100 gallon reef tank with a 75 gallon sump with a refugium, ASM G3 skimmer, and a couple of media reactors.  She is about 6 inches long.  Her favorite meal is Ocean Nutrition Formula Two Pellets in the small pellet size.  For a snack she loves to mow down some sheet algae from an algae clip.  She is also fed a mysis and spirulina brine shrimp mix with Reef Chili.

Sunny has an amazing backstory.  Although, I am biased because she does live in my home aquarium.  I got her about 5 years ago as a rescue.  You might hear stories about rescue dogs which I highly support, however, most people wouldn’t think that way with fish.  She wasn’t neglected in her old tank, but was the victim of an act of vandalism.  She resided in a local elementary school tank that got broken into.  The vandals stole TV’s, destroyed property, and took a sledgehammer to the 75 gallon aquarium in the lobby that housed Sunny.  A frantic call from the principal was received the next morning to come save the fish.

A few fish didn’t make it due to the stress of having only half an inch of water left in the tank.  Sunny was fluttering on her side so I immediately moved her to a quarantine tank at my house.  After a few weeks and her at full health, I put her in my main tank.  My family named her Sunny because of her bright yellow color and glowing personality.

Species Info

The yellow tang is found in the Pacifics mainly in Hawaii areas near the Big Island.  They are surgeonfish from the family Acanthuridae and can be found in schools grazing on algae.  Most are still wildly harvested, yet recently some have had success with captive breeding.  In the aquarium hobby,  the yellow tang is a staple fish with its bright yellow color and excellent hardiness level with ease of accepting foods.  They are generally peaceful with most of their tank mates, however, some are known to be a little aggressive especially with other zebrasoma tangs.  Yellow tangs are reef safe and a great beginner fish for someone who has a large enough tank to house them.


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