Q:  Where can we come to see you?

A:  Aquatic Finesse is a service only company and we don't have a physical store location. As a service first company, we feel we can put our focus into the maintenance giving the customer a more efficient, better experience at a lower cost than our competitors.  Please contact us through email, phone, or visit our social media pages.


Q:  What do you charge to clean a tank or pond?

A:  Every tank and pond is different according to type, size, and filtration. We are currently working on a page with a calculator to simplify the process of quotes for each individual's tank. To figure the price have a $50.00 base charge plus the price of the service according to the type of water and how many visits per month the customer chooses.  See what we charge right now for freshwater and saltwater aquarium maintenance service as well as tank moves on our instant service quote calculator.  Please contact us today to get your quote on pond maintenance, tank setups, water feature service, and vacation visits.


Q:  Does your monthly maintenance include any products or livestock?

A:  Our monthly maintenance services do not include any products such as filters or any animals for the tanks. These are delivered as needed at a separate cost to reduce the monthly cost of the service itself and to give the customer more control of what they want in their aquarium or pond.


Q:  Do I get a warranty on any products or livestock brought out to me?

A:  All products we deliver or install have standard manufacturer's warranties.  We currently do not offer any guarantee or warranty on any livestock delivered. 


Q:  How often should I have my freshwater aquarium cleaned?

A:  Aquariums as a rule should be cleaned at least once a month giving a proper percentage water change to reduce the levels of waste and keep your water quality at proper levels. We suggest once a month for most freshwater aquarium cleaning; however, some larger tanks or ones with more delicate species of fish may require twice a month service.


Q:  How often should I have my saltwater aquarium cleaned?

A:  Saltwater aquariums require a little more care and should be cleaned at least once a month given a proper percentage water change to reduce the levels of waste and keep your water quality at proper levels. We suggest twice a month for most saltwater aquarium cleaning; however, some saltwater tanks will do just fine with once a month service. To keep pristine conditions, weekly service may be desired.


Q:  Do you install ponds?

A:  Unfortunately, we do not install ponds due to the process of digging and setting up the initial pond, but we do offer regular pond cleaning.


Q:  How do I get you to install an aquarium at my home or business?

A:  If interested in getting a new aquarium installed, we highly suggest you do as much research as possible to know what size tank, location, and type of fish you want to keep.  We can help you with ideas and knowledge based on experience and budget.  Please contact us to let us know what you are interested in and we will set up a consultation to setup your aquarium.