About Aquatic Finesse

Aquatic Finesse LLC provides licensed, insured aquarium and pond maintenance services to residents and businesses in the Mobile and surrounding Gulf Coast region. We are a service-based business who is reliable, dedicated, and focused on the customer. With 14 years of aquarium experience and education, Aquatic Finesse maintains healthy, radiant, and beautiful aquatic fresh and saltwater environments.

Our goal at Aquatic Finesse is to provide a high quality, dependable service that allows you to enjoy all of the wonderful benefits of having an aquarium or pond without the hassle and frustration of the regular maintenance that these mini-ecosystems require.  We care about your fish and time.  Our certified maintenance technicians strive to be on time and have open communication with our clients.  Aquatic Finesse believes in using high quality products and water.  We use reverse osmosis de-ionized water from our advanced 9 stage RO/DI filter to ensure the highest quality water is used for our aquariums.  Filter media, food, livestock, and any other needed goods are delivered as needed for a separate charge.

We provide service for various sized aquariums in different locations ranging from doctors and dentist offices, schools, business offices, restaurants, lawyer offices, and medical buildings to private individual homes, children's rooms, and family gathering places.  We currently travel around the gulf coast to provide aquarium and pond cleaning services in areas such as the Mississippi Gulf Coast / Pascagoula Area, George County, Bayou le Batre, Dauphin Island, Baldwin County, and local Mobile County.

If you need any help or are interested in our maintenance service please contact us.

About Aquatic Finesse