Benefits of Keeping an Aquarium

Aquarium Benefits

Many benefits come from keeping an aquarium.  Many doctors and psychiatrists have made claims to the health benefits that aquariums can provide including stress relief, lower blood pressure, and easing anxiety.  Many dentist and pediatric practices have told me about the calming effects the fish tank in their lobby has on their awaiting patients.  It takes away anxiety, provides a conversation piece and my opinion, sure beats a magazine to kill the time.  Another common location an aquarium provides a calming reaction is in the healthcare field.  Many hospitals, spas, and senior living sites provide aquariums for their patrons for the soothing benefits.  What about our homes? Of course, aquariums can provide the same benefits at home. Often placed in living or resting places, aquariums in the house are a great way to wind down the day and watch the peacefulness of fish swimming or the sway of the coral/plants in the current.

aquarium benefits

Aquariums are great for the entire family too.  Children can have many aquarium benefits.  I once read an article that said children who kept or grew up around aquariums generally had better scores in science related studies at school.  I totally believe this to be true as aquariums are direct, hands-on educational tools. I’ve been around aquariums most of my life and most people in the field like myself will agree that even as adults, aquariums are still great educational tools.  I am constantly learning new things about fish, their environments, and their habits.  I know many teachers who agree with the notion that aquariums are great educational tools and keep one in their classrooms for that reason.

Aquariums also teach people responsibility as with all pets, and not just children, but adults too. In fact, I always stress the need for responsibility in this hobby, especially with saltwater aquariums where the aquarium inhabitants are way more delicate and come from some areas where their populations are dwindling.  This is just one of the many reasons marine hobbyists must accept the responsibility of knowing the correct equipment, maintenance practices, and environment these pets need to ensure their success.

Keeping an aquarium can provide your house or business with a living piece of art. Many people enjoy the artistic part of using their creativity to create an artificial reef or planted tank with color and placement of favorite species in just the right places just like a garden in the backyard.  The beauty of a stunning aquarium is hard to match, and we should consider ourselves lucky to be able to create these ecosystems and enjoy all the benefits that they provide.

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